Windows Vista All in One ISO Free Direct Download 2017


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Windows Vista All in One ISO Free Direct Download 2017 this is the latest version of the operating system after the Windows XP. It is one of the most popular operating system among the people in today life. Its business version was released at the end of 2006, on the other hand, the common user version was introduced on 30 January, 2007. It is very easy to use and provide a totally new look to the users. It is a colorful system that have all the features of previous windows with allot of improvements. This operating system come up with a very friendly interface with distinct features.

Some people called it windows AREO instead of Windows Vista. This window provides a highly secured structure as compared to the earlier windows. To avoid the attack of viruses like Trojan and Malware, it will give you a complete defender system. Its graphics are made by using the new (WPF) Windows Presentation Foundation. Its other features include a faster index search system that can search text along with files, security enhancement and more capabilities related to multimedia. It also provides a platform to download the apps as it is available in cell phone called play store. Through it we can download many apps easily as compare to the Windows XP. In the previous versions, you have to go through from many processes to download the things. But it is very easy in this operating system.

Windows Vista All in One ISO Free Download 2017

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Well, overall this Windows Vista is a foremost upgrade to the operating system in the world of Microsoft. Which is a good improvement? That provides a modern look of interface more resilient security system as compared to Windows XP.

If you have wish to buy this OS then you should have one in mind from the following options.

  • Business – This is designed to facilitate the small business along with a modernized work related tasks.
  • Enterprise – It has a complicated IT structure for large business and international organizations
  • Basic Home – This is a simple version of vista that is designed for home users.
  • Home Premium – This will benefit the user with a more modern version that contains more security and multimedia structures.
  • Ultimate – It is a hybrid version of Business and Premium Home having all the main features of both.

The main requirements of the system are as under:

  • Availability of 40 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB free for downloading purpose.
  • 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.
  • Ram should be of 1 GB.
  • Minimum 128 MB of video Ram.
  • DirectX 9 graphics that support with a WDDM Drive.
  • Pixel Shade 2.0 in hard disk.
  • 32 pixel per bit.
  • Audio output
  • Availability of internet connection.
  • DVD-ROM drive

Many of the Vista versions requires the above mentioned recommendations. It is very nice to be having the upgrade system of Vista if your computer have these requirements needed by this OS.

Procedure for downloading:

  • Power off your computer.
  • Disconnect all other devices that are connected to your computer except internet. Monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Then click the restart button.
  • When computer is turning on logo will appears on screen of monitor. Then press F12 key many times.
  • Boot menu will be appeared then click the boot menu
  • From boot menu press CD or DVD drive and click enter.
  • Under this OS select your language, time and country, click ok/next.
  • Click the install button now.
  • Review the license requirements and press and agree button.
  • Press the custom button to choose the installation according to your choice.
  • Your computer may restart two or more time when you are installing window.
  • Next the setup appears on your screen select user name, password and a picture for your account.
  • By clicking the default setting button you will enter in a new window.
  • Select your time zone and press the next.
  • To finish the installation process click the start button.


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